Vital Water Damage Repair Information

Charles Parker

October 24, 2016

Man walking on flooded floorBefore or after any water damage in your home, it is essential you have the necessary information especially of the water damage repair process.  It is even more important to ensure that repairs commence immediately water is discovered in an unusual place as the postponement would often lead to a more complex situation. In cases where, for one reason or the other the damage was not noticed early enough, your repair company would need a mold removal. This is so as mold start developing on such areas in less than 48 hours.

Your first point of call should be the source of the water. Locating this would ensure you are able to stop the source. A leakage or burst pipe would normally require you turn off the main water supply.

The next step is to take away items and furniture that are within the damage area. You really do not want water damage getting to your valuable properties as the effect can be even more than meets the eyes. Even when some appear not to be wet, the humidity and bacteria that results from such damage can affect these valuables so it is best you remove them to a safer place.

In an unfortunate situation where the furniture and other items are wet, it is advised that you open all windows allowing fresh air to come into the room and if possible, use a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in the air and ultimately hastening the process of drying.

Ensure to clean all affected areas especially the damp ones with a mild detergent. This will help in killing the bacteria and in mold removal. You should remember that mold is harmful to your health and therefore requires adequate attention.

Once the rooms affected by the water damage are completely dry, you are able to gain better access and fully assess the room as regards the extent of the damage and the necessary steps to be taken for the repairs.

You would likely require the service of a water damage restoration company if the damage is on a large scale. You might be able to handle small scale damage if you possess the necessary skills and tools but it is advised you contact a water damage repair service company as the damage might be bigger than you actually think.

These professionals are also able to effectively measure the extent of the damage and proffer the appropriate solution and repair.

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