Preventing Water Damage

Charles Parker

October 2, 2016

Best Way to Avoid Water Damage to Your Property

Property owners often submit claims to insurance companies due to water damage, more so during the rainy season. Such problematic event is usual in places with excessive weather conditions which end up causing floods. Insurance companies have repeatedly stated that preventive actions in a timely manner are fundamentally important. They have also suggested that water damage can potentially be avoided.

One of the many commonly known causes of water damage is inappropriately sealed windows. Many times the issue comes from holes drilled into sealed window frames used to run wires through, the problem with this is that sometimes those holes are not caulked or sealed properly letting water seep in slowly over time. Eventually, you realize that the wall below the window starts to swell up, by then the framing behind the wall is most likely rotted out. A situation as such can be a double edge sword, repairing one without the other will not do you any good. Not only will you have to contact a water damage restoration service company in a case like this but you might also have to reach out to a glass company near you to have your window replaced.

The following are some steps you can take to possibly avoid a potential water damage.

Customary maintenance

Many times, damage caused by water is the outcome of flooding as a result of extreme rain. In many cases, damages are a result of a leakage that take place inside the structure. Some instances are due to a number of  problems that can easily be prevented. Things like cracked pipes, malfunctioning equipment, old devices and other related issues associated to the interior of the property. Leaking water heaters and washing machines have been know to cause damage.

Mostly all equipment used by plumbers can be kept in an excellent state. Frequently maintaining the tools is great practice. Making sure any broken equipment is replaced will ensure proper performance. A professional should regularly service all appliances. Such as cooling and heating systems, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, etc… By taking preventive action frequently, one will find out the incredible savings potential. Compared to having to spend a whole lot of money repairing a bigger damage due to water. Plus, your house appliances can and will last way longer.

flooded-apartmentShut down the leak from its source

Leak detecting systems is a must in every property. This is aside from simply making sure to comply with regular maintenance. This is to help them spot any leakage which may turn into a large water damage repair need. In doing so, home owners may have to install sensors to identify leaks and immediately shut down the main source. A common system used to discover when something may be leaking is a water drip detector. Leak detecting equipment is normally installed underground. However, many people prefer to install it above ground. These type of devices are vital to taking preventive action. They will also help avoid damage to your items inside the house.

Become an expert on checking the signs

Preventing such devastation to the property due to water can be simple. However, one must certainly take all necessary steps to detect all obvious as well as hard to tell signs. Common sense can play a big role in determining whether or not there may be an issue. Immediate action upon discovery of an issue will prevent further damage. Stagnate water can definitely create a critical risk to any structure and it’s foundation.

Stains caused by water are also obvious signals. A leaking pipe by a wall or ceiling will produce stains. Such sightings are excellent indicators that most likely there may be a damage like a leaking pipe or cracked roof. Allowing experts restore the property will ensure better results.

Finding the Right Water Damage Restoration Company

Many restoration companies provide emergency water damage service, they offer a wide range of services for both commercial and residential customers. They know that if a flood or any other water incident can certainly be very overwhelming. Losing items which may be personal or irreplaceable is more than bad. Once you begin to make an estimate of the cleanup and repair cost, it can get frustrating very quickly. Including handling the paperwork involved with the insurance claim

Sadly, flood and water damage is a very common event. Any source of unrestrained water will potentially end up in a severe damage. Water from a flood is normally categorized as gray or black water. Gray water comes places from within your property such as that from dishwater, sinks and toilets. However, black waters comes from the outside such as raw sewage and/or streams.

A trained technician can quickly extract all the water from your property and dry it out. But only an expert will use nothing but state of the art equipment. Water damage, if ignored, will only worsen the problem and will cause potential health risks. The best solution is to find an experienced professional to completely eliminate the problem. The right emergency response team can alleviate your loss as well as stop additional damages.

Many home owners are impressed  with how much damage a little bit of water can cause. As little as an inch of water in your property will rapidly create mold, leaving you with nothing but a heavy repair bill and high risk of illnesses. Rain water or other natural sources normally carries germs which will pollute the air quality of your property.

Unfortunately, flooding is a big concern for many residents, even in places which are not normally prone to floods. If you are experiencing a flood damage need, your main course of action should be to immediately find help. Find the right company to clean up the mess and bring your home to pre-loss condition. Reach out to a professional the instance you find water in your property. Doing so will minimize the overall damage to your residential or commercial property and make it a safe environment to reside or work in again.

Water damage technician working on floor

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